Making Pizza At Home

Making Pizza At Home


Few dishes have as much seemingly universal popularity as pizza. People of all ages tend to like it. It has a complicated history, and it has more or less swept across the globe in terms of its scope and reach. Some people will practically set aside a budget for ordering pizza on a regular basis. This is the perfect family dinner meal if you are on a budget.

Save Money, Eat Pizza

Making pizza at home can help these people save money, since the price of similar places has increased along with the price of everything else. People will spend around twenty dollars at least on pizza, which isn’t always going to feel like it’s worth it for something that is often regarded as just a treat. Making pizza at home can allow people to save money, while also allowing them to create more nutritious pizza.

Pizza Can Be Healthy

Pizza has the reputation for being something of a junk food, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Twenty years ago, people objected to the fat in the cheese. These days, people are more likely to object to the carbohydrate content of the crust. However, people who make pizza at home can choose pizza crusts that are made with whole grains, which will at least improve the nutritional quality of the pizza itself. They can also choose cheese that is made without preservatives and other chemicals, which is not always going to be the case for delivery pizza or pizza made in sit-down restaurants.

Try Different Healthy Pizza Recipes

Making pizza at home also gives people the opportunity to add more vegetables into the pizza. They can stir vegetables into the tomato sauce itself, so the vegetables are embedded into the pizza and not just on top of the cheese. They can also use the vegetables to give more texture to the homemade pizza. Delivery pizza tends to be loaded with salt, and people who make pizza at home can control the salt content of the product. Individuals who are deeply concerned with nutrition are often better off choosing homemade pizza compared to delivery pizza.

Pizza is one of the easiest dishes to prepare, which is part of the key to its popularity in the first place. It’s a matter of preparing the crust, and then topping the crust with cheese and sauce and the desired toppings. People will usually only need shredded cheese and flour to start with in order to make homemade pizza. From there, they just have to decide whether or not they need or want homemade pizza sauce, which will usually just require tomatoes and herbs.

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The Perfect Time of Day To Eat Dinner


If you are looking to maintain good health it is best to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a few snacks in between. If you plan for smaller meals with at least one big meal, this is ideal to maintain a healthy weight. Believe or not, there are certain times of the day when it would be more beneficial for you to eat a particular meal. It is a good rule of thumb to time your meals and have them at the same time everyday. Give yourself enough time to defrost frozen foods as well. This will improve fat loss, appetite control and metabolism.

What is Your Schedule?

When determining the perfect time of day to eat dinner it depends on how you have timed your meals. You should try to eat every three to four hours. Whether or not you are timing your meals, you should at least try not to eat at least three hours before you go to sleep. If you have a hard time falling asleep it could be because you are eating too close to bedtime. When you eat too close to your bedtime, your blood sugar and insulin increases. An increase in your blood sugar can lower your levels of melatonin. Melatonin is a natural sleeping aid that releases in your body to help you relax and become tired.

Time it Right

Another reason for eating hours before bedtime is because you do not want to lie down immediately after eating a meal. Lying down right after a meal increases your chances of developing acid reflux. If you have a longer stretch of time between your last meal of the day and your first meal the next day, your body will process your food more efficiently.

The Perfect Time

Most people eat dinner around 6 p.m. This is a good time of day because it gives everyone in the household time to settle in after coming home. A lot of people are off from work by this time and children are out of school or after school activities. It gives the cook time to prep and cook a meal for themselves or the whole family.

In conclusion, the perfect time of day to eat dinner is really up to you and your lifestyle. People are really busy these days and eating a healthy dinner can sometimes be a chore. However, it is best to keep in mind that you should try to eat dinner a few hours before you go to bed, so that you can get a good night’s sleep and so that your body can process food correctly. You should also try to time your meals in order to maintain a healthy weight.

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Defrosting Frozen Foods the Correct Way

Category: General Tips

There are many different methods that people use to defrost frozen foods. However, all of these methods may not be best. For example, thawing your foods on the counter is not a good way because it may lead to a growth in harmful bacteria, which can possibly lead to a foodborne illness. The inside of your frozen food may have just begun to defrost, when the outside has already reached 40 degrees Farenheit or more, which could be dangerous. Foods in which this would not be the best method are raw or cooked meat, poultry and egg products. Therefore, I will explain how to defrost frozen foods correctly. This method will help you especially for barbecuing food quickly so pay close attention.

Use the Refrigerator

The most common and safe way of defrosting your frozen food is to let it thaw in the refrigerator. Of course, it may be hard to do sometimes if you have not planned in advance. However, if you do know in advance that you need to defrost frozen food then this is one of the best ways. The time that it will take for your frozen food to thaw depends on how big or small the food is that you want to defrost. Also, what is good about this method is that after your food has defrosted, if you change your mind about using it, you can leave it thawed in the refrigerator for another day or two. This is true for foods, such as poultry, seafood and ground meat. Red meats, such as beef, steaks and pork chops can stay an additional three to five days.

Cold Water Helps Thaw Food Quickly

Another good method to use when you have not planned far enough in advance to thaw in the refrigerator is to thaw out your frozen food in cold water. In order for this method to work, your frozen food needs to be in a leak proof package, such as a plastic zip lock bag. The frozen food must be submerged in cold water. You must also change the water every thirty minutes or so. You cannot leave the original cold water because it may become warm and therefore a growth in bacteria could arise. With this method, in order to determine how long it will take to thaw also depends on the size of your frozen food. It can range from less than an hour to three or more.

Last Resort, the Microwave

If you need to thaw your food fast and cannot be bothered with changing the cold water, then thawing your food in the microwave may be your best option. Most microwaves have a defrost button, in which you can input what you want to defrost or at least the pounds of your frozen food, in order to determine how long it will take to thaw in the microwave. Once your frozen food thaws in the microwave it needs to be cooked immediately. The reason for this is that some parts of the food may begin to cook while defrosting in the microwave. Therefore, if you wait to cook your food then bacteria may begin to grow.

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Barbecue Like a Pro

Category: General Tips

Barbecuing is a fast and fun way to infuse your food with smoky flavors. The list bellows outlines some tips and tricks to mastering the basics of barbecuing so that you can produce amazing meals on the barbecue.

Clean the Grill:

One of the first steps to barbecuing like a pro is ensuring that the grill is clean; this allows the heat to transfer better, prevents fires, and makes you feel more prepared. The most effective way to clean a grill is clean the grill once you are done using it. When the grill is still hot, it is easier to clean. Grab the BBQ brush and clean it before eating. This does not take long and will not leave your food cold before you get to it.

Heat the Grill Before you Start:

Heating the grill before you start eliminates the chances that the food, such as burgers and steaks, are going to stick to the grates of the grill. Not everything you barbecue require the grill to be overly hot, but most of the time, you with the hot portion of the grill to sear your meat and achieve grill marks. If the grill is not hot, you will not achieve this result. The more you add onto the grill, the more heat that is going to be absorbed; the best way to prevent this is to start with a hot grill or portion of grill.

Avoid Playing With the Food While it Cooks

When meat or other grill foods are placed on a grill and left alone, they acquire a lot of flavor and caramelization . If you are fiddling with the food, moving it around, flipping it, poking it, or pressing on it, you decrease the ability for flavours to develop. Only flip or touch the food when it is ready to be flipped.

Don’t Walk Away From the Grill

Try refraining from leaving the grill to avoid having your food overcook or burn. If you are cooking anything that takes under 15 minutes to complete, focus on the single task at hand to ensure your food is cooked perfectly.

Ensure Meats are Cooked

Eating raw meats can cause sickness; to avoid getting yourself and others sick from serving uncooked meat, purchase and use a meat thermometer to ensure your meats are cooked and at the right temperature. The trick is to insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat (usually about 1.5 inches into the meat). If you are cooking thinner meats like chicken breasts or patties, put the thermometer in the side. Wait roughly 10 seconds for an accurate reading. Beer, pork, lamb, and veal, in steaks, roasts, and chops., should have an internal temperature of 145°F with a resting time of 3 minutes. Ground meats should have a temperature of 160°F, and whole poultry, poultry breasts, and ground poultry should have a temperature of 165°F.

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Pack A Lunch Like A Pro For Work

Category: General Tips

Plenty of people are spending too much money for lunch when they’re at work. They buy a sandwich that they would be able to make at home for so much less, and they will do it out of convenience in many cases. What they would make at home would usually be more nutritious in addition to being cheaper, and yet too many people miss out on this very obvious means of saving money on their purchases. People who learn how to pack a lunch like a pro for work will be that much more likely to save money and improve their health in the long run. Hopefully some of the energy from breakfast is still with you.

Pack It For Lunch

Packing lunch can sometimes feel like an undertaking for the people who are coming home from work exhausted. However, there is no reason why this has to be anything resembling a complicated task. People can put together fairly simple lunches that don’t require a great deal of preparation time in order to save on time and on their nerves. There’s also nothing wrong with eating some leftovers from dinner, assuming that the leftovers present themselves at all.

Thermal Lunch Bag Can Help

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to pack items that don’t require a lot of silverware or a lot of cooling devices, or it’s going to be fairly inconvenient. The refrigeration situation at work can be somewhat inconsistent, so it often makes more sense to pack the sort of items that don’t need to be kept at very low temperatures. Packing anything that requires a lot of silverware means more dishes to wash later, a heavier lunch container, and implements that can cause damage to the contents of any lunch container.

Who Cares What You Are Eating

Some people feel compelled to make sure that the lunches that they pack are impressive because they’re worried that their coworkers are going to judge them somehow. In most cases, their coworkers aren’t even paying attention to what they’re eating at lunch, so there is no need for anyone to worry about that. People who feel self-conscious about that sort of thing should usually stop worrying about that. They will find that as soon as they learn how to pack a lunch like a pro for work and as soon as this sort of thing becomes a habit for them, their insecurities related to what they eat at work or elsewhere will start to fade away for them. The packed lunch is a proud tradition that can be spread further.

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Making Breakfast For Energy

Category: Breakfast Tips

People have said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day for a long time, and there is definitely a solid scientific basis for that piece of common folk wisdom. People need to have enough energy to get them through the day, and it makes sense to start on that as early as possible. Making breakfast for energy is just a good strategy for getting through the day.

Watch Those Metabolic Rates

People who get more of their calories earlier in the day are going to be giving themselves a good head-start when it comes to their metabolic rates. The body’s metabolism will slow down when the body is deprived of nutrients or energy, and this can happen fairly quickly. It makes more sense to automatically start out with sustenance at the beginning of the day in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Even getting a slight boost to one’s metabolism by grabbing breakfast from a local fast food restaurant can make a huge difference in one’s performance throughout the day.

You Need Less Energy At Night

There’s also the fact that people will burn off most of the energy that they eat earlier in the day. The energy that people will eat at dinner will have a tendency to go unused, since people are usually going to go to bed within the next few hours or so, which is going to make a huge difference in terms of their energy expenditure. People will burn practically zero calories after bedtime. People will burn off a lot of energy even going about fairly basic daytime activities, which is why making breakfast for energy is also a sound weight maintenance strategy.

Eat Your Breakfast. It Is Important

People who don’t eat breakfast are usually going to be dragging during the day, especially during the morning. They’re essentially running on empty. A good portion of whatever they ate last night has probably already been stored, or it is in the process of getting stored by the body. Their body clocks have been reset, and they need a refill when it comes to energy. Making breakfast for energy is a sound way to avoid a lot of the feelings of fatigue that people have a tendency to experience very early in the morning when they’re on their way to work, or when they’re trying to adjust to working again. Plenty of people are under the impression that those sorts of feelings are normal. In fact, they’re probably just shortchanging themselves by not making breakfast for energy.

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Fast Food Cooking At Home

Category: Cooking Tips

Cooking fast food at home for your family is easy and fun. You get to adjust the food to your taste and cater for any dietary requirements you, your friends or family may have. Best yet you can create your favorite fast foods for a fraction of the cost to buy out or have them delivered!

Pizza of Course

Pizza is a great choice for home cooking. Most large supermarkets sell pre made pizza bases which you can load up with your favorite toppings and bake in the oven. If you want to go the extra mile you can make your own pizza dough for an ultimate home made experience. A large pizza covered in everyone’s favorite toppings is an excellent way to make a home movies night a little bit more enjoyable.

Popcorn is another great movie favorite and this one is even easier to create. Simply buy the un-popped corn from the supermarket and follow the instructions to make the snack.

Fast Food Burgers

There’s nothing quite like a tasty burger. Buy some burger buns, patties and a range of sauces. Shred some salad and chop some onions if desired and then dig in. These are especially fun if you can make them on an outdoor barbecue. Another bonus to making burgers at home is that you can make healthy options very easily. All you need is a food processor to make your patties. There are lots of recipes online to follow but it’s hard to go wrong. Add some flour and raw egg to your choices of meat and or vegetables, blend and form into patties. A great choice to prepare in advance.Round off your burgers with an authentic side dish of fries. Using a pan of oil or a deep fat fryer cook some chopped potatoes into crispy fries. If you want a healthier option coat the chopped potatoes in oil and oven cook them.

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos

A wonderful fast food meal is tortilla wraps. The best thing about these is that they can be prepared well in advance, even the day before. Prepare or buy salsa, guacamole, sour cream and salad. Cook your choice of meats be it chicken or ground beef. Now all that remains is to microwave your tortilla wraps and then you and your guests can mix and match fillings to your heart’s content. Once again you can enjoy the fast food experience as you tailor it to your own preferences.

Another great option for fast food at home is a Chinese meal. Noodles take only a few minutes in a pan and then you can add shop bought or home made ingredients to create a fantastic dish. Try some mixed stir fry vegetables and shredded chicken.

Bon appetite!

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Cooking Dinner For 10 People


One thing that is easy to remember about cooking dinner for 10 people is that any favorite recipe can be used. Almost every recipe will give the amount of people it will serve. So it’s not always necessary to have one that feeds exactly ten. Just use simple math to double or triple the recipe and there will be plenty to feed a group.  The Pizza Site will teach you how to accomplish this in a few easy steps.

The Menu

The menu can be easy to prepare and friendly for most guests if it focuses on simple foods and plenty of vegetables, fruits and of course, some kind of nice dessert. When guests are coming with special dietary preferences, for example, vegetarian; then choosing a menu that is similar to a casual family meal could just hit the spot.

The More Courses, The Better

Offering four courses when having guests over, plus beverages, is nice. Plan for appetizers, a main dish, side dishes and dessert. Appetizers don’t need to break the budget and can be something as simple as fresh, raw vegetable slices with a zesty homemade dip or bowls of hummus with pita chips. The main course could be easy gourmet macaroni and cheese, with side dishes of a salad with mixed greens and tomatoes, steamed green beans and apple crisp for dessert.

The Adult Portion

Many gourmet mac and cheese recipes use several cheeses. Most will feed anywhere from 8 to 12 guests. Its always nice to have extra for second helpings. When shopping, remember that a half a cup of cooked vegetables, a whole cup of salad, and approximately one half cup of fruit each equal an adult portion. There are Internet food websites which offer many recipes for feeding large groups. Because the macaroni and cheese can be prepared in advance, it can be assembled and kept refrigerated, then baked right before the guests arrive. All vegetables can be washed and dried and kept in the refrigerator in large plastic bags. Prepare vegetables earlier in the day and steam before dinner starts. Assemble the salad last, and toss with dressing just before serving to avoid wilting leaves. Prepare dessert the day before, too. Dishes such as apple crisp work well for entertaining because it can be baked and refrigerated, then warmed after guests finish their main course. Adding vanilla ice cream or whipped cream to it when serving is a classic accompaniment.


Earlier in the day before anyone arrives, create a pretty dining table where guests will eat. Cover the table with festive place mats and napkins. Put out dinner plates, silverware and glasses that create a mood or follow a theme. Colorful items are best for casual events, but anything interesting can become a wonderful centerpiece. Flowers are often used, but candles or any art object as a focal point will work well. Shop at home for interesting items and don’t worry about mixing and matching. Eclectic is in style.

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